Frequently Asked Questions


No, you will only have access to NewRetirement directly at – remember to bookmark the URL.

The data you enter into the NewRetirement platform is stored and managed within NewRetirement, not Thrivent. It is used to provide modeling capabilities and recommendations for how best to manage your finances.

Thrivent does not have access to your data within the NewRetirement platform.

About NewRetirement

Thrivent knows the path to financial wellness is personal. It’s about figuring out what will work for you by learning about where you are now and where you want to be in the future. NewRetirement’s planner will help you along your journey to financial independence.

NewRetirement’s mission is to help people gain confidence and achieve financial independence so they can make the most of their money and time. NewRetirement is used by millions of individuals and deployed through business partners like Nationwide, American Fidelity, and others.
  • Individuals are managing plans with over $200 billion in assets
  • 5M+ people using NewRetirement widgets and planning solutions
NewRetirement is a financial wellness and planning platform designed to deliver a personalized experience that helps people improve financial literacy and make good financial decisions. It provides access to:
  • Financial wellness content
  • Directional guidance
  • Built-in digital coach
  • Tools like the Simple Retirement Calculator and NewRetirement Planner
  • In-depth finance classes
  • Live Ask Me Anything (AMA) monthly events

NewRetirement takes your security and privacy as seriously as you do. We employ best practice security measures throughout our platform to ensure all of your information remains secure. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information.

While the offer for free upgraded access to PlannerPlus expired 7/1/24, you are encouraged to create a free basic account to start your financial planning journey. You can upgrade to the PlannerPlus experience at any time at a cost of $120/year.

If you created your NewRetirement account prior to 7/1/24, you are encouraged to continue using your free access to PlannerPlus for the remainder of your free year of access. After 1 year, you will have the option to continue your PlannerPlus account access at your own expense or downgrade to the basic version of NewRetirement at no additional cost.

Through your NewRetirement Basic and PlannerPlus account, Thrivent provides direct access to their licensed financial advisors. In a 1:1 session a Thrivent advisor can help you review your retirement goals and adjust your plan.

You can manually enter your personal account information or opt to link third-party accounts.

Yes, in addition to your baseline plan, scenario modeling is an important part of the platform. Here is a guide to get started, a video walkthrough and a list of the types of scenarios you can model.

You are welcome to share your plan with your personal financial advisor. We make it easy for you to download and print your plan. Here is a short how-to video about how to do this.

Our planner allows you to enter spousal information to have a joint view of your financial plan. You can also opt to download a copy to share or review with family members.